ZIEA Background

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The ZIEA Act No 21 of 2000 was passed in the year 2000,it however remained dormant for another 10years.This was a result of lack of commitment and leadership by the players in the real estate agency sector.

However, a fresh breed of estate agents a rose with a new drive to ensure the enactment of the Act and subsequent implementation in order to restore order to the estate agency sector.

At an extra-ordinary General Meeting held at courtyard Hotel on 28-05-2010, the first Council of the Zambia Institute of Estate Agents was elected into place, with a clear objective of ensuring that the commencement order of Zambia Institute of Estate Agents Act No. 21 of 2000 was signed as soon as possible. The following were the members of the first council:

The act became law on 24th September 2010, following commencement orders No.78