Welcome to Zambia Institute of Estate Agents

Welcome Remarks

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The Zambia Institute of Estate Agents is a statutory body formed under Estate Agents Act No.21 of 2000 with the major objective of regulating the estate agency sector.

At the peak of the privatization of the economy in general and the housing and real estate industry in particular which followed the sale of government houses to sitting tenants, the estate agency sector looked set to expand and law makers discerned the need for regulation and passed the Estate Agency Act No.21 in the year 2000, it was however never assented to for another decade and it therefore remained inactive.

In 2010, an interim committee was put in place and elections were held in the same year to elect a council that would pave way for the Minister to sign the Act into law. Subsequently, the Minister of Local Government and Housing at the time, Hon.Eustackio Kazonga signed the commencement order and the Estate Agents Act No.21 of 2000 became law.