Welcome Remarks

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We are very excited as we enter the New Year and look forward with great anticipation to a productive and fruitful year.

We are so thankful to all the Zambia Institute of Estate Agents (ZIEA) members who made such a difference in the real estate sector last year. We are thankful that we received overwhelming support for all the different activities that we put up last year. We appreciate this and we know that we would not have achieved anything without your support.

ZIEA has a key role to play in the Zambian economy. ZIEA deals with a critical industry, the real estate sector. This sector has an important part to play in the overall health of any economy. It also serves as a barometer which shows what is happening in the business environment. The first signs of an improving or ailing economy are seen in the real estate sector. This sector can also serve as a stimulant to the rest of the economy depending on the policy direction adopted and the specific activities implemented. Thus the professionals in this industry have a critical role to play in determining a significant part of how the economy performs.

This year is yet another opportunity for ZIEA to stamp its impression on the economy and on the country. Created by an act of parliament the Estate Agents Act No. 21 of 2000, ZIEA has a firm basis from which it can take its rightful place in Zambia. The last six (6) years or so have been productive years in which the ZIEA Council under the leadership of Dr Saul Kiwimpindi laid a strong foundation for the institute to take its rightful position and begin to add value to the economy and the country in general. Now it is time to build the much needed superstructure on this foundation to ensure that everybody sees the value of this critical institution.

If we are to accomplish anything as ZIEA, it will have to be a result of concerted team work. Every member of ZIEA needs to come forward and play their role in demonstrating the value of our institution and protecting the industry from charlatans. There are specific things that we must all be committed to and do consistently. Two critical ones are:

For ZIEA, this year is another year for innovation and collaboration. Within its membership, ZIEA has an unlimited wealth of innovative real estate entrepreneurs who can add value to the industry and to the country by developing relevant innovative real estate solutions that will address some of the country’s pressing needs. At the same time, there is a lot of room for our members to collaborate and thus increase their synergies and their ability to meet client needs and thus further demonstrate relevance of the industry.

Finally, we implore every ZIEA member to take advantage of the ZIEA Council committees to participate in the management and delivery of ZIEA value to the real estate industry. These committees remain an opportunity through which a member can contribute to ensuring that the public get the best value from ZIEA.

On behalf of the ZIEA Council, we wish you a very successful year and look forward to your full participation in all the ZIEA programs.

Logan C Nyasulu