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ZIEA membership has grown steadily from about 88 in 2010 to 300 as at 2014.

Registration to the Institute is prescribed by Part 11 Section 7 of the ZIEA Act as follows:’
Registration of Estate Agents: The Registrar shall establish and maintain a register in which the Registrar shall enter names, addresses and such other particulars of persons registered as estate agents and as the Council may direct.

The Registrar shall have the following powers:

a.    Alter names, address or any other particulars of an estate agent entered in the register, if so requested by the estate agent concerned.

b.    To delete from the register the name of an estate agent who has died or otherwise ceased to be an estate agent; and from practice.

A person who wishes to be registered as an estate agent shall apply for registration to the Registrar in the form prescribed by the Council.

An applicant for registration shall be accompanied by:

a.    A registration fee payable to the Institute;

b.    A certificate of relevant qualifications; and

c.    Such other information as the Registrar may reasonably require for the purpose of determining the application.


1.    A person shall be qualified to be registered as an estate agent if that person-

a.    Possesses such qualification as the Minister may, on the recommendation of the Council, by statutory instrument, prescribe; and

b.    Is a member of the Institute.

2.    A person shall not be qualified to be registered as an estate agent if that person-

a.    Has been convicted of an offence under this Act or an offence, under any other law involving dishonesty;

b.    Had been adjudged or otherwise declared to be of unsound minder under any law in Zambia or elsewhere; or

c.    Is an undercharged bankrupt.

3.    A member of the former Institute who, immediately before the commencement of this Act, is practicing or carrying on business as an estate agent shall be entitled, without further assurance, to be registered as an estate agent.

4.    The Registrar shall refer every application submitted under section eleven and nay report that the Registrar may wish to make on the application, to the Council and the Council shall consider the application together with any such report.’

Under the Act, four classes of membership are provided for:

A) Full membership

B) Associate Membership

C) Student Membership

D) Honorary Membership

The Act mandates the Council to make rules setting out rights, obligations and privileges relating to each class of membership.Currently,the training course that is being offered by ZIEA is the entry point to Membership.