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Training and Education

ZIEA has in place a General Certificate in Estate Agency (GCEA) course which all upcoming estate agents go through as a prerequisite for registration.


Our Services

ZIEA’s national role is to regulate the sector and ensure that the practitioners are observing the code of professional conduct in the execution of their services to the public.

ZIEA Secretariat maintains a register of all its members which is also open for the members of the public for scrutiny in case verifications are needed.

ZIEA disciplinary committee has mitigated in certain cases where members of the public have been aggrieved by practitioners, and even helped the public to recover lost monies

Our Secretariat

Physical Address: No.7, Chipovu Road, Rhodes Park, Lusaka, Zambia



Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ZIEA business is conducted at the Secretariat which is currently on No.7, Chipovu Road, and Rhodes Park. The day to day running of the Institute is overseen by the registrar.Currently, ZIEA has no permanent registrar and the day to day business of the Secretariat is overseen by Mr. Peter Katwishi in an acting capacity.



Our Members

ZIEA membership has grown steadily from about 88 in 2010 to 300 as at 2014.

Registration to the Institute is prescribed by Part 11 Section 7 of the ZIEA Act as follows:’
Registration of Estate Agents: The Registrar shall establish and maintain a register in which the Registrar shall enter names, addresses and such other particulars of persons registered as estate agents and as the Council may direct.


ZIEA Background

The ZIEA Act No 21 of 2000 was passed in the year 2000,it however remained dormant for another 10years.This was a result of lack of commitment and leadership by the players in the real estate agency sector.

However, a fresh breed of estate agents a rose with a new drive to ensure the enactment of the Act and subsequent implementation in order to restore order to the estate agency sector.


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